Scott Philip Troiano

This page is dedicated to any writings, cards, letters or anything that you have written to or have from Scott. Please email any itmes you have to me at  and I will post them.

This is an experience that forever changed me and Scott was there with God:

I will never be able to fully explain in human terms what happened to me next. My attention was drawn to the sun, which I noticed was actually moving. The next thing I knew, the sun had dropped out of the sky, appearing to be within a few hundred feet from my car. As I was watching the sun drop and dance all over the place, I was overwhelmed with a feeling that I can only describe as Godís all encompassing love. I was instantly filled with a feeling that was millions of times more powerful than any drug I had ever taken. I was transfixed, and I remember having my head stuck out of the window while driving on the freeway, marveling at Godís presence striking me so directly. I wasnít even watching the road, yet I didnít wreck or even notice where I was going. To me, it was a shade of the sun miracle at Fatima, even though I knew very little about Fatima at the time....... Watching the sun manifest and encompass me as Godís Holy Spirit had me completely captivated for at least fifteen minutes straight. After a few minutes, I started to think that it might be like this forever. During this experience, I noticed something else in the dropping and surging of the sun that I could clearly sense the presence of Scott himself within the Holy Spirit. The ball of light seemed to roll forward and surge ahead in bursts when I would sense Scott. I didnít see any facial images or anything resembling his human nature, just pure spirit within the Holy Spirit. I was truly in ecstasy......

Your Brother to the end,