Scott Philip Troiano

In 2004, I began receiving inspirational images of Scott which were so real and powerful that I began drawing them.  This began around the time of my conversion and regular attendance at Mass at St. Gabriel's Catholic Church in the Bronx, very close to where Scott was born and raised.  I believe that these images were being sent to me directly from God as proof that Scott is united with Him in heaven.  They do not even come close to what was shown to me in visions and in dreams, or the infinite love and joy that I felt while seeing them.  Before this happened, I did not believe in Jesus or the saints or even heaven.  For this I am eternally grateful to Scott and to our most merciful Lord.

                                                                                                                                               - Helga

United With God

Protector of the Innocent

Extending His Hand

Anointed by God

Scott's Martyrdom

Bathed in His Light

Servant of God

Design for Altar Piece

Spreading His Love

Contact From Heaven July 24, 2004

Scott Watches Over Us